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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~

The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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you."8 - The Meaning Of WHITE : Psychic Skill #1 - Sphere of Protection9 - The Meaning of PINK10- The Meaning of RED : Psychic Skill #3 - The red Whip of Gaia11- The Meaning of RED 12- The Meaning of YELLOW13- The Meaning of GOLD14- The Meaning of ORANGE15- The Meaning of GREEN16- The Meaning of BABY-BLUE17- The Meaning of BLUE18- The Meaning of VIOLET19- The Meaning of SILVER20- The Meaning of INDIGO21- The Meaning of BLACK22- THIS IS WHAT SOUL MAGIC IS - "SEEING YOU DREAM my MAGIC ALIVE!"23- Chapter Three: MAKING MAGIC in COLORS is EASY 24- Color Projection, SPELLCASTING and Long-Distance Healing25- Protection and Exorcism Skills26- The POWER of BROWN Color & Energy27- Psychic Skill #6 Connecting with curved Lines to your target28- Psychic Skill #7 The 4 Leaf Lucky Clover Meditation29- Fluidic Numerology 30- My Invocations in fluidic verse p131- My Invocations in fluidic verse p232- My Invocations in fluidic verse p333- My Invocations in fluidic verse p434- Ascended Elders Talk not by words but Allegory and Images35- Allegory Storey 'INTEGRITY' part 236- Summary - The GIFT of THIS MAGI is YOUR self-EMPOWERMENT

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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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CHAPTER ONE : The Relation of Thoughts and Energy to Color
Colors are a vital part of our lives. Everywhere we go and
wherever we open our eyes there are colors. We tend to wear certain
colored clothing, eat certain colored foods, and purcahse certain
products that come in colored packages that appeal to us. Every
single moment we react consciously and subconsciously to color
stimulus from our environment. With color you can take control of
your life, be the success you want, and positively and effectively
be the master of your destiny.
Each color has a unique vibration or characteristic that
distinguishes it from all others. Though there are billions of
shades and intensities of color a simple workable format for
understanding their meanings and practical uses can be derived by
thinking in terms of the basic colors and concepts of white and
black. I am going to show you how to change your life by
visualizing colors around you, by projecting them to others and by
wearing or surrounding yourself with colors.
The techniques are easy to use and most effective when used
for the highest and best motives for all concerned. The real
miracle is that these skills are as easy as thinking and
concentrating. You deserve the best and can have all you desire.
The first step is believing, the second is doing.

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"Little Miss Muffit sat on a tuffet eating her curds and
whey** Then along came Grandmother Spider and sat down beside her, and frightened the ignorant soul away."* Curds are the curdled-milky remains after a cheese has been
pressed.** Whey is basic wheat-mash like gruel or elitist propoganda
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter One : Matter Is Energy : The Relation of Thoughts to Color
There is a progression of colors from the concept of white
through all the shades of pink to purple, to the concept of Black.
Likewise we can further propound the progression of thoughts from
good to evil. As an analogy this is great; but in practice no one
color is any more or less good than another; including black.
Good and evil are terms with as definite a meaning as there
are intelligent life forms in the Universe; So I avoid using them;
preferring the words 'positive' and 'negative' instead. In pure
form none of the colors or concepts of color are negative. However
some shades and combinations are extremely disruptive and
inharmonious; as will be shown later. The focus of Colors For
Success is to positively change your life into one of beauty and
abundance. To do so you must also understand what negative color
and thought energy is and what it can do to you if used.
Every Color has a meaning that all our minds interpret the
same; no matter what our eyes tell us we are seeing. The bright
blue that I visualize would be the same as the bright blue YOU
would SEE; providing a precise verbal description was given. Our
subconscious minds would react the same way to bright blue
regardless of what we thought the reaction should be.
By relating human processes or attitudes to color the full
range of human thinking can be expressed easily and simply without
a great deal of technical jargon to clutter-up the mind. When you
visualize, project or use color energies you are in essence using
thought energy of a certain type within the boundaries of what that
color and shade means. In this way every thought can be related to
a color. So when you use a particular color you are expressing a
particular thought energy; and visa-versa.
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"A historian named Humphrey Dumphry caused such a fury in the
18th century that he was turned into a big egg and dumped from
status into a nursery rhyme of a wall by those with no interest in
truth ... no interest at all."
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter One : the Relation of Thoughts to Color
The Seven Bodies Principle
As the full range of Human thought processes can be likened
individually to a certain color, tone and intensity; the full range
of Human thought processes can also be said to be classified
individually into one of the seven Vehicles, Chakras or '7 Bodies'
of consciousness.
These Bodies of Consciousness are called-
1 - Kundalini Chakra - The Physical Body - "Sensation" 2 - The Astral Body - "Separation"
3 - The Emotional Body - "LOVE"
4 - The Mental Body - "LOGIC"
5 - The Intuitive Body - "SAMENESS"
6 - The Spiritual body - "I Am", or, G’IAm
7 - Monad or Soul Chakra - The Soul body - "BEINGNESS"
Other names have been given to these seven 'bodies' but for
purposes of this book the names given above will be used.
Contemplate what each means to you and how your thoughts fit into
one or more of the seven categories.
Each of your seven bodies is active at all times of the day.
Even doing 'nothing' is an action. Any one of your seven bodies
radiates energy into your thought-field or aura and this emanation
can be detected; or color energy can be directed at it.
Knowing and anticipating which body a person operates-in will
help immeasurably when it comes to dealing with them. The
significance of the seven bodies principle I have presented will
become more apparent in Chapter Three.

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"The Tombs of the Pharaohs actually welcomed visitors who
entered with GOOD intentions. For almost all of the 3000 years of
Ancient culture recorded the Egyptians were monotheists and
believed thier elders came back as ascended brothers and sisters in
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter One: The Relation of Thoughts and Energy to Color

Color is a powerful tool for success. Use it for the highest
and best for you, your loved ones and associates. You were born to
have all the abundance the Universe has to offer. You alone
separate yourself from this reality. Color will stimulate this
awareness within you but it won't do the work for you; this is your
You don't need eyes to use colors to effect your success.
Knowledge of the true meaning of color and thought energy is all
that's required. By using the positive color and thought techniques
so much happiness, balance and abundance will come into your life
that you may wonder whatever happened and your eyes will finally be
Like a radio station does we also constantly emit thought
energy and are constantly receiving or responding to similar
impulses from our environment. Each of the seven bodies of our
Being do emit color or thought energy around us in a sort of
thought field or aura. Depending on our activity at any given time
one or more of these facets of our bodies will be active and open
to receive positive or negative stimulus. The ability to become
aware of this in yourself and others will immeasurably increase the
positive effects that you alone can make happen in your life.
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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energies as I perceive this
Over the years there have been literally thousands of meanings
given to every single color and concept of color. These questions
lead to more questions such as-
"Which is right? & "Who is correct?"
There is one and only one answer to that question and this is
You. You are your own best and final authority.
Rip apart and analyze everything I present to you in this
little book and decide for yourself what the truth is. I have
studied and practiced for some years to arrive at certain
conclusions and practices that do work. The principle in action is
that I learned through my own eyes and my own practices what
various colors and energy 'do' in the way of work or actual magic
for want of a Sanskrit reference book on the old word for knowledge
and applied wisdom.
I have faith and I know all souls are connected. I BELIEVE and
this is why you may have confidence that what I present is real and
this discipline does work. I believe in myself and I believe in You
In this chapter you will also find the meanings of the
concepts of black and white. For visualizations, projection
techniques and more practical applications of Soul Magic and color
energy I refer you to Chapter Three.

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"Plant trees that bear fruit in your soil." Henry David
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energies that I know as true.
The Concept of WHITE:
White is a representative of the positive creative flow of
energy and infinite love of the Universe. White, brilliant,
explosive light is a harmonious balance of all the colors combined
in equal proportion and intensity. White Light purifies and
amplifies other positive energies it comes in contact with. White
is the color-concept reflective of the expansion of the soul during
your migration through this Universal experience. Light fills,
illuminates and inspires dark or negative concepts. There is no
direct negative meaning of white. You find in white only the truth.
Think of white energy or white light as a powerhouse with a
continual supply of creative energy and the source of all concepts,
ideas and harmonious thoughts. All colors from the lightest shade
of pink to the dullest purple are diffracted energies of white
light; and each of these colors has a unique meaning to our
subconscious and super conscious minds. Use white figuratively to
activate the positive thought processes within you; then direct the
visualization of your creation along with specific color to do the
work desired. The concept of Grace applies here as this transcends
love and leads to simply 'KNOWING' this application of energy is
real and nothing is mystical about the process.
White light energy inspires truth and harmony into your being.
It is thus synonymous with the unfolding creative process or
quickening in ascended consciousness with-you. White light can be
likened to a fire that burns away the false and leaves only the
true. In white energy negativity burns away to reveal creative
harmony. It's like blessing a ritual circle or a painter taking
white to a dirty canvas to set the picture-background again in
harmonious balance.
#1 Color visualization Skill - sphere of white-lightning
energy You may try this easy exercise right this moment as you read
"See yourself surrounded in a globe of pure white light
energy. Then see this globe begin to radiate like the sun from deep
within you. See your light become so brilliant and crystal clear
that all you see is white beaming out from you and nothing else.
Feel all negativity burn away. The Human body is made to first
react with adrenaline and fear to new situations. Realize you are
stronger than your fears and there are no doubts or problems that
cannot be solved in good time. Be content that you are doing your
best and live right where you need to be. The White light will
transmute and transform events from now on for the best no matter
what happens; you are in the light and you are doing your best. Be
content not with the state of things outside yourself but within.
We all want to change and help the world. First a soul must find
the center of balance."
To send white light to a person, being or situation is a
beautiful and simple action to do as both a benefit to them and so
too into your aura too. A simple technique of white light
visualization is to hurl and SEE lightning bolts and have fun as
#2 Color Visualization Skill - Aura energy projection
"Bring out the white lightning inside your sphere as described
in Skill #1. From the Solar Plexus then SEE a bolt of lightning
fire out straight to the desired location. The light envelopes and
surrounds it or them with your very same brilliant white light
energy sphere from exercise #1. Note here how you are not
penetrating the aura of another person and accruing karma by simply
sending your desires and perhaps dislikes all wrapped into the
greater desire to do what is right and to send your soul energy in
the light of the soul-desire to be united in this same light. What
you give or send to another you must also be willing to receive
threefold. This is the difference between sorcery and casting
mundane 'spells' as some people do to influence others."
These two Color visualization Skills are all you need to
effectively use color visualization and projection. Practice this
skill where you might notice immediate effects like your pets or
willing family members. The Key is that love transcends psychic
power and Grace transcends love because in the 7th chakra-7th body
vibration you are doing as you know is right and in harmony with
the flow of infinite love. Practice on your plants. Practice on
crying babies in the supermarket because love will only penetrate
their aura and it as a quality must be in your heart before you can
comprehend the values of a soul with an eternal perspective. In all
cases and efforts just do your best and know all points are
connected. You will notice positive results almost immediately in
other 'abilities' because this exercise has the added effect of
raising your vibration and enhancing or 'sparking alive' latent or
new ways to link with your divine or super conscious self.
More about visualization and projection is given in Chapter
Three. All the same then as now I suggest you spend two precious
seconds at least in visualizing a sphere of flash-bulbs going off
and stars bursting inside your sphere right now and right here.
Rich rosy Pink surrounds you first then as you turn this page to
the next page.

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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two:
The Meaning of PINK Color & Energy
Love, physical, active and emotional is the meaning of pink.
It is the resulting combination of the eternal Universal harmony of
white and the abundant life-force energy of red. All the hues of
pink indicate a balance of white and red in varying proportions.
Pink is a gentle and relaxing color. It tends to ease
emotional disturbances in a persons life that come about through
romantic or family problems. Through Pink energy one finds the
confidence to express love in outwards forms and ways that will
bring joy to your soul experience. The continual infusion of pink
in the presence of another person or living plant or creature will
positively influence the growth and development of personal loving
Pink is love; this concept is pure and simple. Radiating love
out from yourself will attract more of the same to you. Thus if you
want to be loved then give love. Be confident as you do that the
active principle is returning and manifesting more energy and more
joy with each moment. Give love to others and give them
understanding as if you suddenly see that everyone is out there
doing his or her best. Love gives you this insight and the patience
that abides in this vibration of loving and aspiring to love others
who may not know how to love anymore. Soon by this experience a
thousand pages of words and as many video-movies couldn't begin to
express your contentment-your peace and your joy.
The downside to overuse of only PINK is melancholia and
possible detachment from the real world. Balance in color exposure
will remove this negative side effect of wearing and seeing in pink
or rose colored glasses.

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"Pacifists are always killed first."
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two:
The Meaning of RED Color & Energy

Red is the color of abundant life energy. Ruby red is symbolic
of the life energy that flows through us as we go about living and
loving. Red is representative of the part of us that is continually
expressing the creative life energy of Man. You are an important
part of the universe. Realize you are cherished and accept the
abundance of life force energy that is yours by right of birth.
Reach out with the life force energy inside you and this will
manifest as red energy. Love in this sense is the power and energy
that is always there to fill in the clay model of an object or
desire you hold in mind. Red energy forced in will manifest as a
direct relation to your ability to force your will and believe in
yourself; these keys uplift and unlock further mysteries once you
begin. Every object you touch is thus imbued with your psychic
imprint and of course depending on your skill level another living
creature or person will be able to feel or sense the difference in
anything you touch and any place you have walked in faith of your
power of Love.
Ruby Red is Mother's Love manifest in spiritual form. Red
resembles the vibration of Love one has for a person like a friend
or a sibling you hope and rejoice to see excel and be happy. Love
and thus RED ENERGY is the creative and motivating force of all
life and is the radiating aura of a strong soul presence whether
the living 'thing' emanating the energy is born of daylight or the
inky-black that is likened to the cauldron or womb of Creation.
Money, riches, and wealth are yours to be had if you have the
courage to stand up, accept the abundance and then get out and do
your best to nurture and work to make this dream grow to fruition.
Practice makes perfect is a missive; there will always be a better
way so just do your best. Just know as you go that every single
evolved soul on this world does radiate red energy and now it is
your right and your turn to GLOW!
Red Tones from those near pink to deep scarlet represent love
and vitality in varying forms. The ancient Greeks believed in seven
forms of love ranging from Eros to Agape. IN the state of Agape or
Grace you have thus the same ability as any soul to fill your cup
to overflowing and know it is replenished more and more powerfully
with each moment you give and project out your strength-your Grace
and your transformative powers in Love.
Red in its destructive or negative aspects is generally
indicated by muddy or dull shades akin to congealed blood, for
example. Usually this type of red vibration has allot of dull
greens, browns, blues and black combined in varying muddy
intensities. The constant amber or autumn rust color is not
negative in the definition as the natural color intensity is still
either of the light or black. Know that black is not evil if at the
same time it is the absence of light needed for gestation and the
renewal of autumn leaves into soil and homes for the next
generation of sprouting seeds. The meanings of negative red
energies manifest from the values of anger, hate, inordinate
desires of lust, jealousy, greed, emotional self-criticism and
dislike of oneself to the point of suicide. Thus and therefore in
the absence of white light to a hue of red these do not become
positive colors and positive thoughts are not likely to be inspired
or fostered within such a vibrational constant. Muddy red hues will
disrupt the harmony and balance in any rationalization of meaning
and will lead to either a perceived or subliminal imbalance in
character such as rage, depression or non-clinical possession or
schizophrenic episodes by appearance. By glorious contrast of
course if your surround yourself right now in an imaginary sphere
of bright ruby red then any not-so-positive hues of another color
will only blend into what you can say represents the overpowering
strength of Love in life force energy.
#3 Visualization skill - The Red Vacuum cleaner Trick'
or, opulence and affirmations of riches using Red Color Energy
"Use ruby red like a magnet in a fun exercise to attract right
into you what it is that you need. Magnify this opulence as Dharma
or good deeds coming back to you by wearing ruby red clothing; or
by projecting it out of you like a tether to pull back right into
you what is your need. During a business meeting you can
confidently know you glow with rich-ruby-red and as to the value of
this visualization skill your confidence alone will go up and thus
your acumen for fairness and business will increase. Be sure to use
bright white when you penetrate the place of another person like
thier home or thier person. False desires lead to delusions and
false voices that promote the idea of the concordant opposition who
believe that the weak deserve to be taken over by the strong. Be
thus strong and compassionate for they who do not appear to know
love. By the power of your projection of life force energy become a
Whip of Gaia or, in the generic reference become 'Love In Action’
as then as by example you will prevail over the apparent difference
between what you have and what you need.
People who have allot of red in thier aura or thought-field
attract money and abundance. You will also appear more favorable to
animals, plants, creatures, friends and children. The idea of body
symmetry or prettiness is not a factor when you really show others
who you are as an outward reflection of RED energy and life force
glowing through you; and from within.

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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of RED Color & Energy continued from page 10
The meanings of negative red energies manifest from the values
of anger, hate, inordinate desires of lust, jealousy, greed,
emotional self-criticism and dislike of oneself to the point of
suicide. Thus and therefore in the absence of white light a hue of
red may not be positive; And positive thoughts are not likely to be
inspired or fostered within such a vibrational constant. Muddy red
hues will disrupt the harmony and balance in any rationalization of
meaning and will lead to either a perceived or subliminal imbalance
in character.
RED ENERGY Imbalances that occur can be likened to rage,
depression, psychosis, spirit possession or schizophrenic episodes
by appearance. By glorious contrast of course if you surround
yourself right now in an imaginary sphere of bright ruby red then
any not-so-positive hues of another color will only blend into the
overpowering strength of Love in life force energy. This is how I
have learned to understand the beauty and the ugliness of red in
the auras and energy of others.
#3 Visualization skill - The RED WHIP OF GAIA'
Use ruby red like a magnet in a fun exercise to fulfill your
needs. Magnify this opulence as Dharma or good deeds coming back to
you by wearing ruby red clothing; or by projecting it out of you
like a tether to pull back right into you what is your need. During
a business meeting know you glow with rich-ruby-red. This
visualization skill will boost your confidence and thus your acumen
for fairness and business as well. Be sure to use bright white when
you penetrate the place of another person like thier home or thier
person. False desires lead to delusions and false voices that
promote the idea of the concordant opposition who believe that the
weak deserve to be taken over by the strong. Be thus strong and
compassionate for they who do not appear to know love. By the power
of your projection of life force energy the effect becomes LIKE A
WHIP of instant karma in the form of 'tough-love'
Become 'Love In Action' and lead by good example. Then you
will prevail over the apparent difference between what you have and
what you need.
People who have allot of red in thier aura or thought-field
attract money, romance and abundance. You will also appear more
favorable to animals, plants, creatures, friends and children. The
idea of body symmetry or prettiness is not a factor when you really
show others who you are. BE as you are and KNOW your body and
energy is an outward reflection of the life force that glows
through you and outwards; from within.

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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of YELLOW Color & Energy
Bright Canary yellow is the Isis vibration of Justice and mixed
with gold is Wisdom. Yellow is likened in analogy to logical
reasoning and analytical color energy. Yellow stimulates the mental
or intellectual facets of our mind to the awareness of the logical
creative order of the Universe. Yellow in positive and bright tones
has the ability to help you organize and look objectively at
perceived limitations and personal confusions. Yellow stands out
and is noticed like the TRUTH; if one CARES to look for it. The
logical solution to every one of the perplexities you may ever
encounter can be realized through stimulating your mental body with
brilliant-luminescent yellow.
On the not-so-good side of the coin with yellow I have
perceived and noticed the INSTINCT quality of people operating on
pure rage and sociopathic fury. This dull and almost liquid or
translucent shade of instinctive yellow can play upon the natural
fear reaction in a person such that they become Yellow' with
cowardice and indecision. Instinct is the progression of events
when the creative forces of white are lacking. Most animals,
creatures and some people move through life on this instinctive
vibration and of course there are many people of low character who
will take full advantage of a person who acts and lives like an
'Be kind to Animals' Beware when you see this slogan around
the internet-world as it is the affirmation of specific groups of
people who earnestly and foolishly aspire to lower all our
vibrations down to the point where we are like sheeple or sheep and
people. "Be kind to animals" is the cute and clever word-play of
vampire worshippers and cults of the blood covens who want to think
its good to be BAD. In yellow then is this potential for great
intelligence and the opposite. A real coward will act totally
different in a group or pack of animals. Be smart and know the
That amazing and wondrous ultimate truth you've been waiting
for will come through the mental body and yellow chakra as this
stimulates a resonance in your seven bodies. Yellow is to the
Mental or 4th body as Orange is to the psychic and 5th body of
consciousness. Perhaps this is the throat-chakra to some in the
fifth resonance and the 4th-chakra is located either at the heart
or solar plexus chakra. Either definition is not as important as
knowing a bit of yellow will flip a MENTAL switch in you or other
people. Become AWARE that you are aware.
Use yellow to study and recall information.
Use yellow to eliminate confusion or to keep people or moods
flowing like a breakfast room where relaxing colors would be less
Use yellow to stimulate your inventive nature.
Use Yellow to understand new truths or remember old ones.
REMEMBER that over-use of yellow for intellectual energy may
lead to cowardice and indecision. In projections to others clear
yourself in white and ground in brown or green before and after
flashing yellow lightning bolts of energy around like a fool might
do; as I did.
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"Those who aspire only to do good are always undone by those
who aspire otherwise." Nicolo Machiavelli. The PRINCE, paraphrased.
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of GOLD Color & Energy

Gold means Wisdom or collective divine intelligence. In purest
form gold combines the creative intelligence of life with the
ascending vibration of strength through association with the divine
or super conscious-self. Gold stimulates the faculty that reminds a
person of many thier own divinity depending upon the level of your
Gold is like the grey Alchemists metal 'lead' as a natural
barrier to the flow of thought and energy in this material world.
Gold hues are the results of combinations of yellow and red
infused with white from a psychic perspective.

You are 7 bodies in GOLD Light
1 "Sensation"- In the Physical body Gold is strength like armor.
2 "Separation"- In the Astral body vibration Gold is likened to an
extra layer of protection by way of intelligence such that you may
be less open to other influences or thoughts from others.
3 "Love"- In the Emotional body vibration Golden hues bring wisdom
to purely emotional and instinctive colors, thoughts and
4 "Logic"- In the mental body or 4th chakra gold is like yellow in
stimulating thoughts or active flow of concepts into a mind that
may be inactive or confused.
5 "Sameness"- In the 5th chakra vibration Gold marries with your
natural intuition and brings calming energies to dissipated or
wildly ranging thoughts akin to a bipolar person being calmed to a
rational point of balance and perspective.
6 "I Am"- In the 6th body representing material completion Gold
resonates with the holy spirit within-you. Gold in spirit enforces
your armor like a shell or sphere of protection from influences by
persons, thoughts or even entities of lower vibrations.
7 "BEINGNESS"- In the 7th chakra and monadic vibrations Gold is the
balance of energies in all chakras such that meditation is easier.
Similarly and so too is GOLD the Shamballa vibration or principle
of always being at a balance between action and inaction; karma
yoga is this energy and YOU ARE ON the 'Path of action'.
In gold thus is the strength, the knowledge and the binding
cord or thread to seal your aura in ribbons and bows. As the
Gnostics know this means a projection of the figure eight side to
side like wings--then back and forth and up-down. The result is
what Old Testament scholars described as angels having six wings.
Spirits do not have wings or feathers; this is a mental construct.
Instead of wings you do have a balanced projection in mind of three
dimensions and three different figure eight visualizations; You are
balanced in this sphere of a universe and so too do your wings of
gold light all link at the point of Grace you know to emanate from
your heart chakra-- Gold and silver armor is a natural protective barrier that
negative vibrations, thoughts and energies cannot penetrate at all.
It reflects non-harmonious thoughts and vibrations back upon the
source at the exact same intensity as they were sent. In a physical
sense this armor around your sphere of an aura can be thrown safely
back at aggressors in the same way as a mirror reflects light back
like a golden-white-hot-sun. The more adept you become at this
technique then the more confidence you will have in your abilities.
Gold as wisdom thus gives you the insight and strength of
character to simply avoid conflict situations. As you walk
confident and strong in the knowledge that you are a vital-living
expression of your soul--then it can be said that you 'move through
a system of probabilities where you avoid dangerous mistakes,
incidents & accidents from happening to you. Since my first days
after my eyes began to see energy in 1981 I have tried to become
intuitively aware of a bad event that may be about to happen; just
the desire to know will nudge and press you back into the flow.
A person needs to go with the flow of events in all cases;
still though in Gold you will be luckier. In Gold you will not be
the weak person that powerful people might prey upon, and, in the
light of Gold you will know that grace transcends love. Once you
are content then of course all time and events in your life will
merge into one moment of PURE GOLD.

end page 13
This is The Golden Rule. "If you don't lie you'll never need to remember what you say."
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of ORANGE Color & Energy

Orange stimulates the intuitive or vibrational aspect of
consciousness and is synonymous with psychic or spiritual growth.
Orange in its brilliant and brightest intensity will help you open
the creative channels of communications between your ego and that
part of you that does not doubt or question truths that are known
'within'. Orange helps a developing psyche to pass through the
physical plains of hard-material logic; then into the crystal clear
truths that all matter is energy; as revealed on the higher three
chakras that resonate in spirit.
Orange will help you balance your personality by inspiring
creative growth. This growth is associated with your creating and
channeling outwards as well as inwards in energy as an expression
of your desire for atonement with your surrounding environment.
Undirected psychic or spiritual energy must and will always
manifest in some form. A well grounded person is one who exercises
the rainbow of colors and vibrations as well as one who washes or
cleanses the aura by mental skills.
Ghosts or so-called earthbound entities are attracted to the
glow of orange in an unwitting person; as it is well known how open
a sensitive or intuitive person becomes to outside influences and
energy. Conversely I am a Gnostic and exorcist and one way to lure
or even trick entities into my aura is to form a weakness in my
aura like a big crack in a sphere of gold that spills out orange in
pumpkin hues. Loving souls have no problem with this Trick; but
others can't literally get away when I grab them with orange hands
and love them in my sphere of white gold light. Remember that you
have LIFE and a non-corporeal soul does not. You have strength but
also perhaps have some fears of the unknown. I suggest then that
knowing you are always stronger than any 'ghosts', demon or alien
WILL PREVENT you from being bothered. The result of your simply
KNOWING your strength in the light will result in more strength and
more tangible ORANGE energy around you like a psychic usually
With Orange in balance within your aura your life experience
will be filled with greater confidence and more growth. As I walk
into a place and project out strength I already KNOW that any 'bad'
entities that don't want help will have already run away to go
'haunt' the aura or home of someone I don't know. People walk up to
me and confess the most interesting truths and I respect their
secrets. Learn to keep secrets and hold the trust of everyone no
matter if the person is alive or an energy-form I see moving about
as an elder, an ancestor or 'Holy Ghost'.
ORANGE is a two edged sword in metaphor because it is the best
tool for positive psychic development and spiritual enfoldment. The
idea that all points are connected through the 4th dimension or
GREY universe thus provides a KEY to using ORANGE like an initiate.
YOU CAN project outwards with confidence and certainty that your
radiating strength and anyone entering your aura is getting the
benefit of your energy.
The downside to psychic powers are the regressive tendencies
of a user who forgets that it is a karmic-debt accrued by
penetrating the aura or influencing the life of any other soul. The
Credo of some people to 'Do as thou wilt if it harms none." is not
true because tricking another person to letting you hurt them is
again a negative added unto both the abuser and the fool.

end page 14
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of GREEN Color & Energy

Green is the color of physical, mental and spiritual health.
Like the beautiful life around us renews itself naturally; the use
of GREEN light and energy resonates health and vitality for
yourself and loved ones who receive your energy projections. Use
GREEN to inspire good health and know the balance of energies in
all color vibrations.
Most people I have seen who are never ill have both a red life
force energy and a strong green about them like a grounding rod is
to a lightning bolt. As you manifest Green in your aura and
inwardly through you the natural effect will be better health and
physical attunement to your environment. By thinking in this Way
and surrounding yourself in green you to will develop that Green-
Buddha quality about you as the moments of the day harmonize. You
have become positive, healthy and your aspect reflects this smiling
self image.
Green is synonymous with the abode of natural and living
creatures, flora, fauna.
Greens are always present to some degree in a combination of
your local colors when you make or view a spirit doorway into other
realms of existence. Similarly when you reach out in mind to
spiritual places and ideals the color Green will ground you back to
the BROWN earth like a grounding rod or a wooden post holds back a
kite from flying away in the winds of change.
For physical health use green to fill your sphere as per skill
#1 on page 8 of this text.
See yourself healed and fill-in this picture like an astral
projection around your physical body. As your skills develop it's
not likely you will get sick. More importantly it is highly likely
that you will do as Chinese Apothecaries do by removing the blocked
chi and energy in your muscles as per acupuncture technology.
Affirm your wellness and contentment in this sphere. Know as
you go that practice and concentration will improve your ability
and this is how people become aware. Know you are already psychic
and green will flush away non-harmonious energy that may for any
reason be embedded in your aura or your physical body. Remember
that all disease and discomfort begins in your mind. GREEN will
tune-you-in like a radio receiver to a harmonious channel of
health, vitality and eternal youth.
Know that by healing others and being STRONG your own aura
will add to your energy and keep you healthy too. Conversely if you
try to heal others without replenishing your own energy these
efforts will likely not lead to healthy conclusions for you at all.
I have noticed that psychic healers seem to get sick or have
stomach related issues around the lower four chakras. The key is to
replenish and to clear your aura. Know that a smart practitioner
you don't need to deplete yourself to the point where you become
'weak' and in need of charity.

end page 15
"I can work; I can think & I can fast."- Siddhartha Buddha
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of BABY BLUE or POWDER BLUE Color & Energy

Velvet blue is the color of emotional and spiritual healing
and sleeping in harmony. It is the balanced combination of deep-
bright sapphire blue and the aspiring light of white. By definition
Baby-Blue is pure and crystal clear cosmic truth found in WHITE-
FIRE with an objective balancing energy associated with BLUE
FLAMES. The reason that it is such a healing or tranquilizing
energy is perhaps related how despite all the worries of the world
you still do eventually go asleep in a beta-wave pattern or REM
I have noticed time after time that persons going through
emotional turmoil will tend to wear or surround themselves in
pastel blues and baby-blue hues that are reminiscent of childhood
and innocence.
Use Baby blue to promote Astral activity.
Use Baby blue to remember or to promote lucid dreams.
Use baby blue and pink for infants who are stressed.
Use baby blue to help yourself or inspire another soul to
consider intuitive-spiritual and soul concepts as related to the
three higher chakras of your body.

end page 16
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of BLUE Color & Energy
Deep bright blue is the color of control and balance. Blue is
likened to the concepts of 'Peace through strength', justice and
the balance of Karma.
The Universe is in continual balance. Every action, thought
and event that occurs has a manifestation in our lives. People who
are peacemakers have a great radiation of blue from thier auras as
a natural effect of balanced strength, discipline and force of
willpower. Many of the most powerful people on earth are disgusting
sociopaths as thier ruddy, thin and mottled auras show. The
difference is thus then as a true master knows there is a balance
and to have power is a privilege; not a right to control others.
Blues are relaxing energies and colors. One doesn't aspire to
'get the blues' of course; so again it is a balance of other
energies like Red as the police use for flashing lights. Blue
reminds a soul of control or limits; whether these limits are
followed is not the function of the power and majesty that comes
from knowing you are trying your best and knowing your strengths
are in balance. In this royal-blue state of Grace it is easy to SEE
and know that you have been blessed with all the gifts you have. A
truly content and loving person knows the true power of blue. A
sociopath conversely may take power over others but it is a life
ruled by fear of loss or fear of being hurt by someone else more
Blue help to release anxiety and turmoil’s in your mental
activity so that logical and progressive choices can be seen. Blue
will help you concentrate and tune-in to a productive frame of
mind. In this respect of inspiring balance the color of Blue is
very healing and resonates with the quality of 'contentment.'
Blue light instills balance and harmony into a tricky
situation. Blue light should be sent to another person, place or
thing with white light as an aide for you to keep the color-energy
bright and not dark-depressing and melancholy-blue.
GHOSTS AND POLTERGEISTS Bright Sapphire Blue light Will bring comfort to a person near
the end of this lifetime in the physical body. Blue light energy
and projections at departed persons from this world will work as a
tool for both the grieving person and the departed soul. Be helpful
and caring to a ghost you might sense. Remember that a spirit is
like you and ask yourself right now if you would go ask for help if
you were lost. Help others to know they are part of the infinite
progression and interplay of souls through this sphere of
existence. A ghost is a person and it hurts them to be seen as
scary or somehow hideous because you don't understand them as a
brother or sister would do for another. Realize that earthbound
entities are all alone and in a new state of progression. You only
help yourself by helping them move forward like Bluebird of
Happiness is want to do.
In tranquil-blue light you will find truth.

end page 17
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of VIOLET Color & Energy

Violet is the color of material balance and associated with
royalty for this reason. There were very few sources to make purple
clothing dye in ancient times and this likewise adds to the
cultural link with the ruling elite and the color PURPLE. Violet or
purple infused with light does represent the balanced combination
of three primary colors, and, by definition the resonance of a
person who is at peace or at-one in mind-body & soul.
? Question? - Are you rich enough? If you thought the word
"No" then your aura is not violet.
The quality comes with satisfaction & contentment; not the
number of gold coins in your cashbox. Fortunately now in this day
and age violet is an available color in clothing and objects; so
there is always an available visual source for you to see yourself
in a royal light. Once you SEE and create the conditions of royalty
around yourself then the fundamental laws of nature apply and this
majestic value and color will add into your aura.
You are the master of your destiny as it is said. Treat
yourself as grateful and lucky because despite all that has
happened you have ascended up as a soul to the point where you are
In a violet-fire or violet-light of consciousness it's easy
not to let others pull you down into anger and confusion or
anxiety. Realize that Money-Sex & Power influence all of us and
only you can be the master over your own gift of friends and family
or situations. You don't need to give up anything but a wise person
is not too attached to thier things either.
Objects come and go but a soul is eternal. Your Life-Force may
change but never diminish or die. You are a reflection of your
eternal-higher-self and so is your enemy. Remember they too are
eternal and so is that person who may not like or understand you.
Being royal in mind is to hold your head high and make your own
path; be happy and content where you are because truly you are on
your Way.

end page 18
'Seize The Day- Carpa Diem'. This Latin affirmation is a
violet energy example in fluidic words.
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of SILVER Color & Energy

Silver is the color of moonlight and what is latent of the
womb and female. By contrast to sunlight neither silver or gold are
good or evil.
Silver does however have a unique quality I've observed as an
energy-medium and clairvoyant over these years as a quiet
practitioner. This metal and substance resonates both here in this
world and the astral where gold and platinum are like lead. Silver
is protective and the sparkling affirmation of silver or bright
grey into your an aura will greatly ease fears and enhance the
natural strength in balance of anima to animus in your aura. We are
after-all androgynous as souls. On this world we are either male or
female by gender though and this duality is reflective and
represented in vibration with silver metals and silver amalgams
that combine other metals.
Silver is associated with the color of protection the same as
gold and white then because of this resonant truth in the balance
of white and black in the GREY.
Physically silver is one of the most reflective natural
substances and its shining color is widely associated with the
number 2 or duality in the way a mirror reflects light right back
at you.
Silver is neutral and will protect whatever or whomever it
surrounds from astral penetration by outside entities, thoughts and
psychic assault.
Practitioners may want to note that a silver Christian cross
with a long downward 'leg' is not positive. It's the same as an
inverted cross is used as a tool by black-mass practitioners and
Voodoo worshippers of the dead.
The equilateral Christian Cross is however a respected symbol
and spirits of adept ability or so-called demons will respect this
tool as a protection device; but only as a direct proportional
relationship to your faith-ability and resonance with the silver
light of truth. The intent of this book is not to put my truth
above another religion; however I do state as I have seen and
observed that the very small fraction of ghosts who are here 'on
purpose' will only laugh at your ignorance if you recite the bible
in reverse or forwards in any so-called good or evil ritual. The
real PROTECTION is your amour in truth and your faith that no
matter what happens you cannot be diminished and adversity only
hardens your resolve. Challenge the offending spirit-infuse them
with light and SEE the unwanted spirit illuminated-uplifted and
foolish for daring to come and challenge you in the first place.

end page 19
"Hi-ho Silver....away!" The Loan Arranger says this at your
local bank.
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of INDIGO Color & Energy

Indigo is a combination of dark blue and violet. Indigo is
powerful in the hands of a Magi or Psychic practitioner because it
works as a visual key to the energy needed to conjure and create a
desired object on the astral-etheric realm. Indigo represents the
FORCE of your WILL and as such it is quite common as a ritual robe
color to mystics as well as those who aspire into practical
applications of Lore like an alchemist, priest or faith-based
religious leaders.
Indigo resonates in the realm of a master or psychic adept who
knows the balance of the seven vehicles of consciousness. People
looking at you in an indigo robe would reflect these thought form
at you and thus enforce you aura and abilities in the disciplined
use of energy in outward-indigo form.
Pentagram Lore in indigo script will enhance the magical
significance and aspire your words into the celestial realms of
vibration in either the 12 zodiac houses or the 13 of the moon. 12
x 13 = 156 and this number is significant to initiates.
Indigo light will help ease you into a deep meditation or a
slumber for a good night sleep.
Indigo is like a fine addition or embellishment to an aura in
the same way as garlands make a colorful food dish; or the same way
your skin will heal if you project a layer of INDIGO like a master
who is both cleansed and strong. Be as a radiant sun burns from
within. Know you are connected even as you are not yet aware
consciously; the truth is still the same in INDIGO vibrations.

end page 20
"The more I know; the more it seems I don't know."
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Two: The Meanings of Color Energy
The Meaning of BLACK ENERGY
Pure brilliant black means creative discipline it positive
Black is the most misunderstood color or concept of color. In
itself BLACK is neither good or evil. It is a neutral Universal
energy which is as positive or negative in use as any other color
Black is the color concept that means creativity and
discipline in human experience. It is the color of the expanding
universe and out of this darkness did emerge your light.
It is possible to have positive experiences using the black
vibration such as I wear black as an affirmation of my creative
force. BLACK is discipline and the place where creations of mind,
body and spirit all emerge. You don't need to carry a cauldron
around to be linked to the source of all life that is the womb of
Black helps you to keep a certain thought or frame of mind
like a discipline person does.
Black also can represent chaos and the concordant forms of
existence that seek to undue or TEST you as a soul on a journey
back to the light. Black light however cannot extinguish your
eternal light and others can only trick you into thinking you can
sell your soul or be cast out of your place in the Universe as an
equal soul. Black gives reference then to the light that Is the spark of
your very existence. How could you know light if not for the
opposing truth.
Think right now of your very worst fear? A pulse of black in
a mottled shade will have gone through your aura. The idea of fear
is itself a limitation in the same way as affirming tomorrow takes
away from the joy of living in the creative flow of this very
moment that is Here and NOW.

end page 21 Invocation Skills revealed: -Gnostic-PENTAGRAM USERS DO THIS - From solid to liquid and
gas I HOLD my creation in form in the womb of creation. I force the
form to match my projection in indigo of my completed
visualization. On the fifth stroke 'up' to complete my pentagram
star I force my 'box' upwards like a gift for ALL THAT Is, Gaia or
my beloved spirit ancestors as guides to manifest as a reflection
of my ability and my desire to do what is right, honorable and
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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CHAPTER Three: Practical Applications of Color
An Introduction to Soul Magic
Do Your Best.
I cannot express in colorful enough words herein to explain
the joy as well as the dangers of using color or any kind of energy
to influence another soul. Your version of Love is not like any
other persons; and so to give of the soul expression is to aspire
towards giving others your 'vision' and your own aspiration into
the 7th chakra vibration.
Color and sound are tools like a ritual totem, a prepared
invocation or ritual space. The idea is to create an energy and
'see' it into being. Whatever you manifest or aspire to do to
another will come back upon you too. All souls are connected and
this is the Skeleton Key to unlock the power of soul magic. I know
we are all connected and I see this. You now know if you didn't
before and thus I know that you know that I hold you in this soul
magic ritual. "I'm in your mind" then; but only in a way that
reminds you of your highest divine aspiration. The effect is the
same regardless of discipline. Remember that the Good guys don't
hide and WE ALWAYS WIN in the end.
You are capable in a moment to remove inharmonious energies
from your body including curses and enchantments in the name of
your aspiring soul. The magic that seems to happen is that AS YOU
STEP UP and step forward to affirm your divinity there will be
hosts from the worlds of higher vibration that will then and only
then be able to reach down and make themselves known to you in a
personal Way.
Stated differently; as a psychologist would imply you are
relating your super-ego to your purpose in life; the exercise of
aspiring to raise your vibrations then becomes defined as a
motivational-modifier; or words to this same general effect as
taken out of my usual context that favors reincarnation and the
principle that we are souls with bodies; and as such we are
infinitely responsible for every deed and action; or is that to be
stated other way around? You decide; You act and you know in faith
as you go. This is Soul magic as well as the energy-medium or
Shamanic discipline of going with the flow.
SOUL MAGIC is about 'knowing' and having another person know
they are connected into your ritual of infinite love as an
invocation upwards; rather than an evocation or a spell trying to
force another to do your will.
Conversely I perceive Black mass Voodoo and Sabbatean Satanism
as the opposite of SOUL Magic since these practices are all about
taking from others and calling on unknown-elders in darkness to
give favors in the way of information or alleged deeds done in
exchange. Ultimately all acts must balance for us all; this much I
know as I go. I don't judge others but I sure don't want to be
around persons of low vibration or endless negative reactions to
events that spin along in thier lives. I seek positives and this is
often causes problems because it appears to be judgmental of
others. Communicating is definitely a skill to master no matter
whichever discipline of study holds your interest at this time.
Love yourself enough to be content and gracious to be where
you are. There isn't a better place to be or better spouse to be
with in a Universe where we should be able to be as loving and
caring with all souls and not just one other person; this is a
mythical idea of a soul mate and I suggest you consider the last
time you heard of an angel or spirit appearing while holding hands
with thier eternal lover? Relationships come and go like a
beautiful and graceful tide coming and going from a sandy tropical
shoreline. The soul is however eternal and the point here in Color
Magic or Color Manipulation is to not use this discipline to make
others do something. Inspire others instead and give your energy
like a prayer or blessing upon the idea of the soul of the other-
recipient. This practice will lead to closer and quicker
association with true forms of energy appearing to the naked eye. I
still work at this myself even as it's now about twenty-seven or
eight years since I started seeing energy and noticing the meanings
as the days go by.
Practice seeing auras and seeing your energy raise in simple-
colorful exhibitions in your minds' eye. Practice for as many
minutes a day as you can hold attention on a particular task within
your private regime, craft or discipline. Try spinning a needle
floating on the surface tension of water in a teacup every morning
if you want an example. Practice Seeing the needle spin and know
others do it; just like others do project energy in healing
circles. In soul magic the idea is that another person creates
reality and as such as they know of the ritual link so too is the
desired objective manifested.
Details are the key to SOUL MAGIC and it doesn't do the job to
just walk around with a basket of rose petals repeating the words
'Love is all that Is". Action is about standing up and aspiring to
ascend right now and acting as best you can right now to get up
pointing in the higher direction again. Use affirmations and
positives with each word you say and try not to affirm time
constraints upon yourself or others in your words. Live in the
eternal moment even though the calendar dates and the seasons
change. YOU probably already KNOW THAT eventually all dreams and
aspirations come true.
Your special abilities and gifts are cherished and it is with
certainty that I tell you that after the change called death the
only souls that go to 'sleep' until judgment day are the fools who
choose not to see this is a timeless progression of consciousness.
I know as I see and I'm saying that we do indeed live again in
conscious ways that have nothing to do with sleeping in a graveyard
and waiting for whenever someone says it's judgment day according
to some popular humanist religions.
My great truth of this moment is that happiness comes with
being content. I know that I'm trying and doing my Best to go with
the flow of Universal Love in active male & female expression that
is called God & Gaia in this English language I know.

end page 22
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Three: Visualization Skills Made Fun and Easy

Color visualization and projecting energy is as easy as using
your imagination. However there are certain mental skills and
simple procedures that will develop your abilities to a quicker and
higher degree of power and strength. Like any worthwhile endeavor
this is not a skill to know without perseverance and patience as
you try your best.
HOW TO SEE AN AURA Tip #1 The neck chakra area is the easiest place to 'notice' the
first fuzzy glow or faint images of the energy field on another
person. You'll likely notice as you try this skill that looking at
the back of a person's neck is going to make them turn around and
look at you, as people do.
HOW TO SEE AN AURA Tip #2 Don't try and 'look through the clothing of a person and see
them as an object of desire or fantasy. The opposite is more likely
to happen because all of us are intuitive and nobody wants to be
treated as an object.
Q: What is color, color, psychic energy or mental energy? A: Color and energy are the same by any spelling or definition
in any language. The colors and energies are the same here as where
you are there.
Color Projection SKILL #3 ( refer to the MEANING of WHITE page
in this text for Skills # 1 & 2)
See yourself amidst a globe of pure white light that extends
around your body like a bubble. The exercise is to see yourself in
this personal sphere and see the light intensify and grow brighter
until you dissolve completely in a 'lightning flash'.......... then open your eyes and eat your food because this is the way
food is uplifted before partaking into the temple that is your
body. Prayer at the supper table is about being grateful as well as
uplifting the vibrations of the prana or food-energy you take into
your body.
****This is prayer* = Being gracious and affirming your raised
vibrations in this blessed eternal moment we all share.***
Ultimately I believe this leads to a vegetarian diet as I see
vibrations in Pork as the worst and in Fish as the highest color-
aura or energy of any food I know that is called 'meat'. Fish and
shellfish still resonate in harmony with the 7th chakra and higher
plain of thought. I don't personally believe a word of what are
typical morays regarding the culinary diets of various religions.
Your food is 'Blessed' when you raise it up in vibration. Paying
some priest to bless your house and food is your decision. However
from a spirit perspective as I know the most important energy comes
out of your words and actions and thus it is not as significant to
dwell on what goes in your mouth as much what comes out of it.****
Color Projection Skill #4 ( refer to the MEANING of WHITE
page in this text for Skills # 1 & 2)
a-So now in the span of a split-second YOU CAN SEE yourself in
a sphere of light.
b-You can see this sphere grow brighter and "Flash" or "Poof!"
You open your eyes and FEEL GRACIOUS for what is before your eyes.
c-The skill to practice here is to then play the game mentally
of Flashing your sphere of light to a brilliant intensity and then
to another location or person to raise the vibration there. SEE in
your mind when the process is complete and SEE the aura of others
'FULL' of all the colors of the rainbow. I suggest you visualize
seven colors to resonate through each of the 7 bodies within your
aura or energy field. Visualize your favorite colors and infuse any
bleak or muddy hues with the light of your desire to ALWAYS BE IN
the light of infinite LOVE.
end page 23
The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Three: Color Projection Made Easy
"CASTING A SPELL--->3 'The vibration of cleanliness is NEXT to
*FIREBALL*-9-females & -spheres of light- *LIGHTNING*-1-for males -shafts of light-
Practitioners who respect the other gender always do better &
always WILL. The directly proportional relationship of the LOVE you
have for children and the meek will likewise affect your ability to
draw into & out-of Phae-5-fairy or Picean-5-pixie wishing wells."
Remember to forget limitations.
Projecting energy or color as a form of energy can be
accomplished easily through numerous applications of lore, logic
and principles that suit your chosen discipline. The object of your
enchantments or the receiver of your energy is going to know
intuitively what you are doing as souls do; So the objective here
as in all cases of outwards actions is to know your soul is
connected and KNOW how you WILL & SEE the best outcome from your
True WISDOM is knowing that you don't know everything. In
Color or energy projection your compassion for another becomes as
good as a magic book in terms of function as the tool for helping,
uplifting or physically healing another. The concept that you
visualize cellular biology and know how a person can be hurt will
provide the knowledge in your mind about how to align yourself and
thier bodies into a healing and mending flow of energy. Energy projection leads to quick sickness and imbalance
without some form of cleansing of your aura before and afterwards.
Since you are giving of your higher self your energy will replenish
like a cup that overflows with electricity.
There are two techniques that seem to work the best for me.
However in your experience and perception the workings of the
projection ritual are different; MOST IMPORTANTLY know the idea is
to first clear your aura-then raise your energy and light. THEN in
the third action send your CREATED sphere or shaft of energy aloft
or from you to the recipient. The mental process of 'sending' the
energy actually triggers greater strength and development.
Raising vibrations inside your personal sphere to send to
another is another method to BECOME MORE PSYCHIC by default as your
aura aligns with the Universal Mind. The mere act of desire to
'rise-up' will gradually align your being into a flow of energy
akin to cosmic Flow.
True magical conjurations begin with the 7 steps to mastery ------> Faith-Hope-Charity-Wisdom-Knowledge-Love & GRACE. ------>Physical-Astral-Emotional-Mental-Intuitive-Spirit &
A Second Color and energy projection skill may be applied in
this way if the object of your destination is not in site; or
perhaps even an internet friend you have never met in person. FIRST
you need to know that souls are as connected if you are shaking
hands, in the same room, around the planet or even upon another
world. Know you are connected and you can only get better at your
disciplines from this moment forward.
You hold all the tools already to SEE yourself realize the
success and abundance that is around you now. There will indeed
always be a better way to do everything; so try and apply your
best. This mental KEY gives you peace of mind and the insight to
realize that the stresses of today will be here in ten years just
the same. The difference is perception and your knowledge. YOUR
GROWING strength through discipline is a balancing FORCE in the
same way as knowing you are a cherished soul. I don't even know you
reading these words and yet I always WILL KNOW YOU ARE infinitely
equal and infinitely able as any ascended master or any others who
have come before us in this WAY.

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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Three: Practical Applications of Color
The Sphere of Protection
PROTECTION from outside and external influences is essential
in maintaining your mental balance. A practitioner generally has to
start an action all over again if they fall off this center of
balance akin to the infinity symbol or #8. To truly Be protected
simply BE AWARE and force out your strength like an aura of amour
or a SPHERE OF PROTECTION. Keep a constant perspective of hope and
know that you aspire into the cycles of both nature and spirit.
The first stages of control are uninvited spirit possession,
empathic sensitivity and unusual cravings. More effects of spirit
intrusion into yours or another persons' aura are 'profound
thoughts', seeing faces in the landscape and on the dark-side you
may feel intense anxiety, confusion & fear of the unknown. Be aware
of the difference in your current energy and thoughts as opposed to
trying to look for details; notice the differences and this is how
many spirits can be exposed as tricksters and wolves in sheep’s
clothing instead of guardian angels as many fools do suppose.
You are far more of a healthy and protected person if you are
well-read and versed in the very subjects, objects or entities that
you fear. Remember right now that the first time you use energy
projection to spin a needle floating in the surface tension of a
teacup of water that this will likely cause a fear reaction. The
first time is always scary and your body is programmed to react
like a cat to new visual stimuli.
When you 'pull' a chair across the floor with your mind SEE it
completely through the action at the same time as you have
constructed an astral 'vision' in your mind of the energy
manifesting. The discipline I speak of is new to me and as I
practice daily I feel the result is feeling like I'm strengthening
my WILLPOWER. I create a telepathic cord or rope that will
eventually pull this chair across the floor as I desire. Being
Telekinetic is not the end result more than it is another effect of
raising both in vibration as well as the knowledge that I do not
fear what I know. This way of reasoning applies to energy
projection as well as protecting yourself psychically and mentally
from an attack or unwanted intrusion. I dislike Ouija Boards,
speaking in tongues, and spirit Channeling because this is an open
and willful gift of your physical body to another soul who either
has no body or has no motives except to sound as wise as possible
without giving any real details.
Visualize, SEE and affirm white, gold and silver light
surrounding you. This energy and light already resonates with the
powerful 7th chakra, and, also has the effect of strengthening you
from intrusion by thoughts of others. YOUR GOLDEN LIGHT OF WISDOM
may also draw or call a local ghost you don't understand that has
come to you as a spirit asking for help. Psychics, mediums and
practitioners who invoke the names of elders have a gradual
increase in energy and light about them that becomes like a lantern
in the darkness. Your energy is SEEN like a lantern by people who
died in traumatic accidents, by traumatic injustice, or because
thier religious beliefs dictate that they cling to thier body and
resist all help from thier elders in spirit after the change called
DEATH. So they come to you as a medium, a Witch, a Shaman, a Doctor
of Divinity or Priest and what you can do is either be
afraid.....or you can know that it's you who will remind them of
thier own light. It's a trick but it works on even the darkest of
entities who know thier tricks and grim presence won't dim your
light. Your light cannot be extinguished because your Golden light
only grows from here-on-in as you learn more and your WISDOM shows.
TO KNOW PROTECTION OF SPIRIT you can Step forth right now
glowing like a golden sun in a visualization experiment to fill and
uplift the place where you stand. If being ascended is your goal
then what you are doing by visualizing this light around yourself
is to put a gold coin into your cashbox of good-karma or dharma. At
the very least what happens is unwanted spirits will go find an
easier target before they ever bother you or come within a range
where you can detect the 'DIFFERENCE' in the energy when 'someone
else' is in the room.
I'll tell you one thing of my own practice that it's been
years now since any spirit or 'creature' of darkness dared to come
within my detection range; or within the aura of one of my family
or friends. The discipline that you are connected soul-to soul and
eye-to-eye with the ones you love is also tangible to spirits. By
this I SAY to you that the power of Love is half of the meaning of
true metaphysical power. The other half is connecting your soul
right now with those that have come before, or, connecting to your
ascended self that you can imagine you will be in the future.;
either way, whether you are agnostic or a person of-faith the
principles work the same. The agnostics and faithless souls won't
get far, but the basic principles of energy manipulation will still
work for everyone with the WILLPOWER to try and the patience to
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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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Chapter Three: PSYCHIC SKILL #5 "The POWER of BROWN"
You are the Master of your mind, body and soul. No person or
deity except you is going to run your life or do more than SHOW YOU
a truth you must still understand to know for yourself. YOU can in
good time thus SEE & KNOW the truth that your infinite soul can
only change form; You can never be sold, enslaved or diminished.
Look around your home and reflect upon the people who have strength
in character and not perfection. People who do thier best and abide
in the fundamental laws of descent behavior have a 'brown' or
powerful' quality or hue added into thier aura and energy field.
You may project BROWN ENERGY as a composite of other hues of black
-yellow-and add in your favorite Autumn hue.
I like to visualize Honey brown around me like a sweet gold
projection of my strength where I am and sweeter is the light and
POWER OF LOVE right here where I stand.
The downside to power is thinking it's a loss not to have
control over others. Ultimately a master or elder turns around to
share what he or she knows because of both compassion; but also
because by helping others to help themselves is a magic formula in
energy and numerology to manifest CHARITY(#3-chakra) & GRACE(#7-
chakra) to complete the cycle of life in this sphere.
#10 = 3+Charity 7+Grace = Completion vibrations. #10 = your enlightenment = You becoming Elohim or One With
God. #10 = spirit-Angels. #10 = Ancestors in light, and, #10 = the elders of the Elohim sphere known as Seraphim or
Arch-Angels because of respect for the time between now and when
they did as you are doing by reaching up and affirming your divine
harmony 'without & within.'

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The Secret meanings of color and psychic Energy by James Harder

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Indo European Phonetics & Theban Script-decoded

Indo-European Phonetics. Morphemes & phomemes in resonance witch t'GaIAm...
Indo-European Phonetics. Morphemes & phomemes in resonance witch t'GaIAm... by Shay James in Julian's Month 8th Dayro. W'odin's Day and the chariot number of the Seraphim-Guardians of Gates............ .......... ........... ............ this subjective text is from my very private and solitary interractions with spirits who have spoken to me in language I couldn't understand as early as 1985. Lost souls and those who come from lower realms have come to me for years as well for help or to attack in thier ways. But but about 1990 I began to encounter auras of energy people and spirits that could neither be exorcised; nor could I if I was able to remove these dear elders from my presence; like I can with a recent accident victim or a child as a ghost who comes at me from a graveyard,for example. Once I began interractions with these elders of the light I could no longer 'fit' my Gnostic values into what would be essoteric christian values or didactic thought. I give credit to Artemis; my loving sister who stood right there in the middle of the secret ritual circle of a lady witch I was dating that day in the spring of 1990 for the first time. I still remember the 'smile' on the spirit form of Mother Mary that I wanted to see..yet here then my future Wiccan spouse affirmed that this was her spot of worship and Artemis was her Patroness..I could no longer 'fit' my values over Witches since it became clear right then that I had been hoodwinked and duped by all the litany of half-truths from the established religions. Artemis is the Isis of our blessed world. This is a voluntary job akin to the manager of operations for the spirit realm associated with our solar system out to the orbit of the blue planet Neptune.Since these first days then I have met so many spirits of witches that I cannot tell many apart anymore; nor can I 'send them on' to thier next life like I han help the dear hearts of our world who become dead and do not accept the transition due to cultural misunderstanding or trauma as the usual case. Grave injustice also draws some souls back and these are always the ones getting headlines. The real 'evil' ghosts and demonic souls are incarnate right now and sociopaths will soon lose control of our world and the exopolitical system that my love Artemisis reflects in kind to the spiritual-astral and etheric realms out to the orbit of planet Neptune. t'Hecate is still the elder to the spirit elders I know. And I stand for my love Hecate(gaia with us). She is to Darkness and the cauldron of creation as t'Hor or Jesshua(god with us) is to the light.there is no more mistaking identities on this 'score' by me. I've seen to much and experienced so much there is no doubt that I've been a practicing witch since about 1983..and so too I am proud to admit I have allot to learn from Wiccans about BEing Free.o)O(o.Blessed Be.
a- Ascending aspirations towards the male aspect of All That IS......... b- Duality= expression of intentional duality or separation from All that Is........ c - Cancels energy up to the point of placement in a name or invocation........d- Decending or Dayro dominon over material form......e-active applied lore in form- the 'e' sound is nutral and applies to any spellcaster for example. Another way to descibe 'e' sounds in spirit reference is like a garden faucet that is tapped right into the raw-nutral energy of Mammon or Manitu as aspects of the creator of this universe who desired to experience separation from All That Is......f- "fa" the phae . Applied energy of manifestion of the energy people of either light or darkness. I do not reference the dark-side of the phae, such as pixies and faires that become furries and malicious creatures when they take one of the elemental forms associated witch our world. A word with an 'f' in it from the spirit perspective I know is an immediate reflection into the circle of Morgan as the patronisis of the Phae; and also a reference to the link of this word to the will of Gaia through her eyes and hands of the Phae. ....g- male-female balance in manifested form of the All That IS. God=Gaia + I Am = G'IAm to spirits I associate witch in my ritual circle or meditations....h - The 8th letter chosen for the English Alphabet by Samual Webster's dictionary in the 19th century has a resonance with an affirmation of balance of the unseen and that witch is seen by eyes of this world and universal sphere. A word with an 'h' sound in it will likely not be heard spoken by a spirit but be spoken by a person of the material universe lke me who needs to affirm the balanced association of forces that mark the aura of an adept perhaps over a person who is in a state of devashan, illusion or fear after the change called death...i -

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The Secrets of Color and Psychic Energy by SHAY JAMES~
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